The Path to Infinity

Welcome to Via-Infinitum. Please, do sit back and enjoy the ride. (A Multi-Fandom Role Play)

Message from Mod 1!

Hey, Mod 1 here!

I’m sure you guys have noticed that I haven’t been really doing so much these past few weeks with the community, and I really apologize for that! I feel bad having Mod 2 to have to cover for me like this… Not only did I have people for about a week, but they’ve long left, but my internet has also been acting VERY strange for a little while now, too. It’s actually a problem with my router itself and some sort of firmware update that automatically happened, so I’m really trying to get this all sorted out! I’m just very hesitant in doing anything that involves editing HTML or making changes to things (adding people into lists, changing things around, etc.) because I’m afraid that doing those actions with this bad connection will make a huge mess! So, I’m very sorry that I haven’t been able to get to your messages, but for the moment I’ll have to leave that to Mod 2 until this problem of mine gets solved. I’m sorry for any inconvenience!

▀ (1) hiyoku-gone-deactivated20130417 :, "can you please extend my reserve on marchen [sound horizon]? i've been busy with holiday stuff and haven't had the time to finish his app"

Of course! I’ll extend your reservation until January 2nd

marchenlaughingalonewithelise :, "Hi, I'd like to reserve Haine Rammsteiner from dogs: bullets and carnage. This is my personal, today's date is december 26th. Thanks ~"

Reserved for you!

You’ve got until January 2nd to turn in your app~

the-nightmare-inspector :, "This is Hiruko, from Yumekui Kenbun. My passport is the first link in the navigation drop-down."

Looking good, sorry for the delay! 

Welcome aboard, you’ll be in Car 2, Room 2-F

Reserves Soon Expiring! (12/22/11) and another note

Mod 1 here!

I’m very sorry for being inactive for a few days, but I’ve been busy with some things, including cleaning my house for guests that just arrived today! I may be occupied for a few more days with them, but I’ll do my best to make time here of course! Right now, there are two reserves that should have expired today, but I’ll extend them to tomorrow, December 23rd, 2011 at 11:59pm, because of my absence. To the people that have reserved these characters, please try to have their URL’s and passports submitted sometime tomorrow. Thank you!

Aoba Kuronuma (Durarara!!)

Seccom Masada (Yume Nikki)

This is also something that I should have mentioned when opening this role play, but it should be fine mentioning it now. As the passengers experience their journey aboard the train, the location and scenery that is viewed outside of the windows will change, mostly depending on the season/time of year. As of right now, the train is traveling through snowy valleys and mountainsides. (If you know of the movie, The Polar Express, you can loosely base the scenery from that.) It’s completely fine if you do not mention the scenery and such during your role plays, but it does help to contribute to the atmosphere, I think! 

hope-free-oath :, "Reserve Application -- Character Name: Hiruko -- Original Character?: No -- Series (if applicable): Nightmare Inspector / Yumekui Kenbun -- Today’s Date: 12/21/2011"

Reserved for you! I apologize for answering this a day late!

Please make sure you have everything by December 28th, 2011. 

▀ (2) arealmodernman :, "Blog for Shouhei Narumi (Devil Summoner) issss here, application is under /app!"

Thank you! It looks good! I’m also very sorry for any delay in getting to this.

Your room will be in Car 1 Room 1-H with Snow White.

Please enjoy your stay!

yamada-daisuke :, "I probably should have sent this earlier, haha. Sorry about that. This is Daisuke Yamada's (Original Character) account, and you can find his bio in the drop down menu called Who Am I? Thanks!"

It looks nice and everything, thank you!

Your room will be in Car 2 Room 2-C with Claire Stanfield.

Please enjoy your stay!

notatrainconductor :, "Raidou Kuzunoha reporting. Passport can be located in the sidebar. Thankyou."

Everything looks good!

You room will be in Car 2 Room 2-D with Kusuriuri.

Please enjoy your stay!

▀ (5) hiyoku-gone-deactivated20130417 :, "after much thought, i would like to drop my reserve on taokaka (blazblue) and switch it for marchen von friedhof (sound horizon), personal is right here, date is 12/18"

That’s completely fine! Since I was a bit late at getting to this, I’ll extend your reservation to December 26th, 2011. You also may be occupied with it being Christmas Day and all.

roomserviceturret :, "I posted my main Application~"

Thank you! It looks fine!

Your room will be in Car 2 Room 2-A with Madotsuki.

Please enjoy your stay, and I’m sorry if there was a bit of a wait.

Reserves Soon Expiring! (12/17/11)

Hello again! Mod 1 here!

Well, it looks like basically all of you guys managed to turn in your URL’s and such before the expiration dates, which is nice. Unfortunately, Ukraine from Hetalia: Axis Powers did not, so I had to remove her from the reserves list, sorry! Please know that it’s not the end of the world if your character is removed from the reserves list, but this does mean that someone else can now claim the character that you had previously asked for. If you do have their URL and such made, but are turning them in late, we will still accept them, only if no one else has claimed the character in an earlier message. So, it really is not horrible at all to not have your characters ready within the one week of time given, but you are guaranteed to have them if you do.

There are just a few more reserves that are close to expiring, so I’ll list them in this post as well. Please make sure you turn your URL’s and passports in by those dates! These are the reserves ranging from the dates December 18th, 2011 to December 19th, 2011 that have not yet been turned in.

Turret - Portal (December 18th)

Raidou Kuzunoha - Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner (December 19th)

To characters mentioned above, please have your URL’s and passports by the given dates by 11:59 pm PST, thank you!

eliatrope-moved :, "app and url for firo at inthespeakeasy"

Everything looks nice, thank you! I’m also sorry if you had to wait for a little while.

Your room will be in Car 2 Room 2-E.

Please enjoy your stay!

tada-no-kusuriuri :, "This is Kusuriuri of Mononoke. My passport is in both my first post and the sidebar."

Looks good!

You’ll be in Car 2: Room 2-D, Mr. Medicine Seller.